We are dedicated to creating innovative games that focus on gameplay and digital experience with a tons of fun.
As a team of gamers and self professed nerds,Team Yeti brings games that we would love to play, games that are unique and enjoyable.
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Run Z Run


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Fancy Birdy


  • Sirage - Directoid of pixeloids

    This inborn Directoid self-initiated while wandering around the highlands of al-Yetidzi. One day, having infiltrated a ship full of pixeloids, he accidentally fell on the cold grounds of Canadosia where in the depths of a forestial expanse he met true friends, and together they founded their first settlement Yeti Culture. His motto is that a good old cup of Shmoka helps one achieve prosperity and peace.

  • Rodion - Labyrint Master

    First discovered in the remote Codry of Moldovia where he mastered the arts of constructing impenetrable labyrinths with just straw and clay. With the help of a flying Zhuzhi he migrated to the mountainous area of Quebeconiya where he completed his initiation into a paver of endless trails. The clouds of fate connected these trails and led him to settle down in the colony of Yeti Culture where he gladly assimilated.

  • Kate - Coderyeti

    Rare and friendly type…on occasion – a female coderyeti. She takes a special place in the Yeti Culture settlement, getting by only on 0’s and 1’s in her diet while creating truly delicious plushies. Absolutely hates annoying glitches between the 0’s and does her utmost to remove them immediately and make things even better. Excellent coderyeti.

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